WLW Marching Band Camp Volunteers

We are looking for Marching Band parents, friends, family to help out at Band Camp.  Please consider spending some time with the kids at camp – it is a lot of fun!

Camp is Sunday, August 7th – Friday August 12th at Water’s Edge in Howell.  We need afternoon help, evening help, food donations, and our biggest need ….. overnight chaperones. 

Once you have signed up to volunteer, you will be contacted to discuss the details of your ‘assignment.’    We can also answer any questions at the parent meeting on Tuesday Aug 2nd at 8:00 PM (this is a mandatory meeting).

If you are unable to volunteer your time, but would like to donate money to help cover the cost of the evening snacks, please email dembinskig@msn.com.

Roxanne Barry, Cindy Easter and Edie Fitzpatrick  will be the full time chaperones this year.

Thank you in advance for your help.  It takes many volunteers to make Band Camp run smoothly!  If you have questions, please contact Edie Fitzpatrick at 248 669-4592 or fitzveros@yahoo.com.  Please sign up ASAP, as camp is right around the corner! Click once on the link below:


Band Camp Physicals

Marching Band Kids – We need your physical!  It has to be completed and signed by a doctor, dated after 4/15/16. If you will be taking prescription medications at band camp, we also need the med forms signed by a doctor.  This paperwork can be turned in to Edie Fitzpatrick (fitzveros@yahoo.com).  You can also bring your signed physical to the first rehearsal on August 1st.

Shop With Scrip

Hello Band Families,

The next Scrip gift card order will be placed on Wednesday 7/6.  Please provide your order request to me by the end of the day Tuesday 7/5.  Please include retailer name, denomination, and quantity for each gift card.  www.shopwithscrip.com

For those new to the program, the attachment explains what Scrips are, and the fundraising benefits.  Important to note, money earned by your purchase goes directly to your student’s account, and can be used to pay for marching band camp, and other band related costs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Gary Dembinski

End of School Year – Assistance Needed, Gratitude Expressed

As we all know, the end of the school year brings the beginning of the new band season.  Due to the calendar, we have a lot of work ahead of us with very little time.  Therefore, we need your help.  I know that this will be a long email, but please read through to see if you can lend a hand!

1.  NEW EQUIPMENT:  As our end of the year gift, and thanks to all who helped by donating or fundraising, the boosters have voted to purchase ALL NEW MARCHING PERCUSSION to the program.  The old equipment was broken, mismatched, and just plain worn out (As a point of reference, Central has replaced their equipment 3 times since we purchased our existing equipment).  Our drumline will look and sound better than ever this year!

2.  “MYSTERY” GIFT:  There is another item that the boosters are providing.  We can not yet reveal it, but it will certainly help the day to day workings of the program.  In preparation for it, we do have a few questions for anyone who is or has access to a good electrician — Please let me know.

3.  WE NEED HELP:  Due to the renovations at WLW, we will be holding practices at Geisler this summer.  Therefore, we need all hands on deck to help us move all equipment to Geisler on June 17.  This includes all students and graduated seniors.  Please, please, please let us know if you can help!

4.  TRAILERS:  We need 2 people to drive the trailers back and forth to Geisler the day of the move.  This will free up Mr. D. to direct the move and make sure we are organized from the start.  Given that our band camp is a few days later, and that our first performance is at Michigan Stadium in late August, having this move go in an organized and smooth manner will pay huge dividends through the summer!


A.  Thank you to Michael Barry for assuming the new position of Pep Band Liaison.  His primary responsibilities will include helping to line up chaperones, lining up drivers as necessary, and assisting Mr. D. at the games.  The students all love it when the band shows up at those away games — Thank you to Michael to helping assure that we do all we can to increase school spirit!

B.  We need someone to lead our new Dad’s group.  Primary responsibilities of the group will include lining up volunteers to assure that all pit equipment and Drum Major stands are on the field at performances, assuring that Mr. D. has adult help to set up and change over the stage during concert performances (chairs and stands), and helping out with all of the general fix-it and build-it needs that arise. Great way to interact with the students and see their performances from a whole new perspective.  Sound interesting?  Let me know.

C.  We also need a person or people to act as helpers in the stands during home games.  Responsibilities would include picking up water bottles and getting them to the stands as well as acting as an assistant to Mr. D. for any needs that arise during games (eg. equipment forgotten in school, etc…).  Want to help out with it?  Let me know!

6.  UNIFORMS:  With Miss Mary moving on (but staying in our hearts forever), Miyuki Dembinski and Brenda Kowalsky are stepping up to help with uniforms.  They not only will be learning the job on the fly, but will be forced to do so under challenging conditions (at Geisler instead of in the uniform room).  If you have even an hour or two to help them, please do so!

7.  TREASURER:  Thank you to Gary Dembinski for taking over the treasurer duties.  All checks received will be posted and deposited sometime soon, and we will advise when he is ready to have items sent directly to him (delay has been my fault, not his!).  Please show him the courtesy and patience that you have all shown me as he learns the ropes!

8.  BAND CAMP:  As always, Miss Edie can use help at camp.  I can confirm that being able to go up there and help out allows you to really see and appreciate the hard work and progress that the students make.  Please consider volunteering there!

Hope to see all students, grads, and parents on the 17th!

Mike Nachman

The Move to Geisler – Help Needed!

Due to building construction at WLW, the Marching Band will be rehearsing this summer at Geisler Middle School until school begins.
We need to bring everything we need to GMS by June 17.  This is a call for help to students and parents.  The move will take place on June 17 beginning at 9:00am until we have finished (hopefully not later than 4:00pm).
General help with loading and unloading the trailer will be needed.  In addition, we will need guidance by those of you with specific knowledge as to what is needed for uniforms and any camp supplies.  Also, it will be very beneficial to have two volunteers to drive the trailers between WLW and GMS.  Please let me know if you are available to help.
Thank you!
Patrick Dudzinski

Scrip Orders Due – End of Day – Tuesday, May 31st

The next Scrip order will be placed Wednesday June 1st.  Please have your orders to me by the end of the day Tuesday 5/31.  Include retailer name, denomination, and quantity; retailers can be found at www.shopwithscrip.com.  This is a good opportunity to get gifts for teachers and graduates, and earn money that goes directly to your student’s band account in the process.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Gary Dembinski


Spring Band Concert Recap

Band friends and family had the unique opportunity to hear all of the band performances last Thursday night. The 2016 Seniors showed a video to honor their Director (and “dad”) Patrick Dudzinski. The love, laughter and respect that they have for Mr. Dudzinski was profound to witness.

Mr. Dudzinski expressed his gratitude to all parents with their numerous hours spent supporting the students and the band program. Our new 2016 – 2017 Board Members are listed below – welcome! For our parents that are moving on; Mary Nordstrom, Lori Petrill, Clare Blatt, Marci Glynn, Brian Glynn, Peg Malburg and Edie Fitzpatrick (President to Vice President – Summer Camp Coordinator) we thank you and appreciate all that you have done. We wish you the best and ask that you stay in touch – once a band booster, always a band booster!

Our 2016 – 2017 Board Members:

President                                          Mike Nachman       wlwbb1@gmail.com

Vice President                                 Roxanne Barry        mrmbarry@sbcglobal.net

Vice President (Band Camp)       Edie Fitzpatrick       fitzveros@yahoo.com

Treasurer                                         Gary Dembinski      dembinskig@msn.com

Secretary                                          Brenda Kowalsky    pbkowalsky@gmail.com

Member Representative               Mike Barry               mrmbarry@sbcglobal.net

Member Representative               Marcia Margolis     marshamargolis@gmail.com

Committee Chairs:

Uniforms                                           Miyuki Dembinski

Photos/Social Media                       Stephen and Jane Foster

Marching Band Banquet                Rachelle Cherkasov

Concessions                                      Elise Kantor

Spirit Wear                                        Janice Roble

Game Day Dinners                          Suzi Pasquinzo


Upcoming Band Events

Marching Band Parade Rehearsal
May 18, 6:00pm-7:15pm
Jazz Band 1 & 2 at Wixom Founders Day
May 22, 2:00pm performance.  1:15pm call time.
Marching Band Parade Rehearsal
May 24, 6:00pm-7:15pm
Spring Band Concert
May 26, 7:00pm (We will be collecting concert uniforms after the concert)
Memorial Day Parade (Marching Band) – Walled Lake
May 30, 9:30am Call Time
POP Concert (Jazz Band 1 & 2)
June 2 & 3, 7:00pm performance, 6:30pm Call Time