Marching Band Registration

The WLW Marching Band Registration Night is scheduled for Tuesday, May 2 between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.  This is a drop-in style meeting for which you can arrive at any time to turn in the marching band registration materials and initial deposit.  The complete registration packet is available as PDF attachment to this email and on the following webpage:
Hard copies will also be available in the band room.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Patrick Dudzinski

Ride and Drive Fundraiser THIS SATURDAY

LaFontaine Subaru Ride and Drive

Saturday April 29th from 10am-1pm  

You can pre-register with the link below.  This is real simple, LaFontaine does all the work for us, we just need to provide drivers.  They donate $20 for each test driver, max of 75 drivers.  You can walk up on the day of, but pre-registering gives us a better headcount.  There is no limit to number of drivers per household, you just need to be a licensed driver 18 yrs or older, or 16-18yrs with license or permit and parent/guardian.  No reason we should not max out on this.  This is an EASY fundraiser that is 100% profit!

Volunteers Needed for MSBOA March 3rd and 4th

Families – Elise Kantor needs your assistance for the MSBOA concessions.  Please see the following links for information and to sign up to volunteer and / or donate items if you can.

Any questions?  Please contact Elise Kantor at

Mike Nachman

MSBOA Schedule

Tuesday, February 14 – Pre-Festival Concert with Sarah Banks MS @ WLW

Concert #1 – 6:45 pm performance, 6:15 pm Call Time
Sarah Banks 7th Grade Band
WLW Concert Band
WLW Symphony Band
Concert #2 – 8:00 pm performance, 7:30 pm call time
Sarah Banks 8th Grade Band
WLW Wind Ensemble
WLW Jazz Bands
Wednesday, February 22 – Pre-Festival with Geisler MS @ WLW
7:30 pm performance, 7:00 pm call time
Geisler 7th Grade Band
Geisler 8th Grade Band
WLW Wind Ensemble
Friday, March 3 – MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival (hosted at WLW)
Concert Band
Call Time – 4:45 pm
Performance – 5:45 pm
Dismissed – 6:45 pm
Symphony Band
Call Time – 6:05 pm
Performance – 7:05 pm
Dismissed – 8:05 pm
Wind Ensemble
Call Time – 7:45 pm
Performance – 8:45 pm
Dismissed – 9:45 pm
We are once again hosting the MSBOA Band and Orchestra Festival over the weekend of March 3-4.  All of the WLW bands will perform on March 3, and all of the WLW orchestra (including full orchestra) will perform on March 4.  Hosting this event saves our district thousands of dollars in transportation costs.  We will, however, need plenty of student and parent volunteers.  Please look for more information regarding volunteer positions for this event.
Thank you,
Patrick Dudzinski
WLW Band Director

Marching Band Banquet DVD and Season Photos

Last call to order the 2016 marching band DVD that was shown at the banquet. This 25 minute DVD presentation includes photos, music, and video. The cost is $15 (cash or check to WLWBB). This amount goes directly to the band. Please contact Jane Foster at 248-444-7748 or

We wish to extend our gratitude to all families who provided photos through the season. This made our job much easier: William Dudzinski (aka Papa D, Mr. Mr. D), Buzz Click Photography, Ziegelman Family, Barry Family, Nachman Family, Dembinski Family, Walther Family, Malloy Family, Cwagenberg Family.

Several have requested season photos in high resolution format. This link includes all photos and will be available until 12/31/2016:

Jane and Stephen Foster


Marching Band Schedule Change

Geisler Performance – Wednesday, November 9

Percussion Load: 4th hour

Pit Call Time: 6:15pm to unload trailer

Call Time: 6:30pm at Geisler MS

Performance: 7:00pm

Saturday Playoff Game – Saturday, November 12

A number of conflicts this Saturday will make it impossible for the band to perform our regular pregame and halftime show.  As a result, we will move forward with the following plan:
We will perform as a full band in the stands only.
No uniforms.  Dress (coats, gloves, hand-warmers, etc.) for chilly temperatures (high 30’s to mid 40’s).
11:30 am – Call Time
12:00 pm – Kick-off

November Events: Marching Band


Friday, November 4

Home Playoff Game
5:15pm rehearsal
7:00pm game
No dinner for this game.
We will stay for the entire game.
If we win this Friday, the next game will be a home game on Saturday, November 12 at either 11am or 1pm.  I still need to confirm that information with Coach Z.
Wednesday, November 9, 7:00pm
Marching Band performs at Geisler MS
Meet at Geisler no later than 6:30pm
Percussion must load the trailers after school.
Full uniform except for hats.
We are looking for a volunteer to drive one of the trailers.
Wednesday, November 16, 6:30pm
Marching Band performs at Sarah Banks MS
Meet at Banks no later than 6:00pm
Percussion must load the trailers after school.
Full uniform except for hats.
We are looking for a volunteer to drive one of the trailers.
Saturday, November 19
Potential State Semi-Final Game
Details to follow if necessary
Monday, November 21
Marching Band Banquet at Lyon Oaks
Information distributed in class
Friday, November 25
Potential State Finals Game at Ford Field
Details to follow if necessary